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Bags of Genesis Grains California Premium Calrose Rice


Available in:

  • 1 pound bag: $2
  • 5 pound bag: $4
  • 25 pound bag: $10
  • 50 pound bag: $20

Premium Calrose – Medium Grain White Rice


Introductory Trade Show Pricing – 33 lb buckets

  • 1 bucket:    $40
  • 3 buckets:  $100
  • 6 buckets:  $165

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Medium Grain Rice

We produce a variety of medium grain rice called Japonica. It is known for its flavor, cooking qualities, milling quality and yield potential. Japonica varieties have been improved for the following qualities since the 1930’s. Genesis Grains produces medium grain rice considered to be of the finest quality among world markets. It is available directly to local and international consumers.

What’s unique about our products?

Farming conditions exclusive to the valley of Northern California such as climate, soil and water are unmatched when compared to other rice farms around the world.

We believe it is vitally important for customers to be able to have a direct source for premium quality Japonica rice and be able to control that quality. From farm to table, we invest our lives as farmers so that you can enjoy the fruits of our labor.

ICI Award 2015

ICI Winner of World’s Best Rice – 2015

Product Life Cycle

Our crop lifecycle ranges from 135 to 155 days. It begins in spring with the preparation of soil and the initial flooding of the fields. We dispurse the seed via airplane about 20 feet above the water flooded fields. As the rice begins to germinate the level of water may be altered. With maturity additional irrigation is added for optimal growth. Because of the clay soil, the fields are able to retain water well and use significantly less water than many other crop varieties. Shades of rice will begin to change as the rice reaches maturity from greens to golds. As the crop nears the end of its growth phase it’s level of moisture is measured. When the moisture levels reach 24% we begin harvest. Directly after the rice is harvested it is dried to lower its moisture for storage. It is then stored in warehouses where it is constantly monitored for quality and conditions. The final process is milling, where it is husked, cleaned, sorted and prepared for packaging. With packaging complete it’s ready to be distributed for you, our customer.