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United States
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Genesis Grains Philosophy

old-tractorWe are a group of producers that have come together to sell our rice directly from our fields to you, the customer. We believe that it is vitally important for our customers, from all parts of the world, to be able to have a direct source for premium quality Japonica rice and to be able to control that quality.  We firmly believe in sustainable, long term relationships and hope that we have the opportunity to provide for your needs.

Who We Are

For over five generations we have been feeding families around the world including our very own. To us it’s more than farming, it’s a way of life, it’s where we raise our families. Generation after generation we work to improve our farming techniques, embrace technology and preserve the land that produces our crop.

Decades ago each of our families arrived in the valley with their own stories and their own means of survival. In common we have a passion for what we do and the drive to sustain through mother nature year after year to produce a quality medium grain rice. We are grandparents, mothers, fathers, children and grandchildren who want quality products for our families and yours.